T1944E #0 Philips Precision Screwdriver
TA2440 0.6mm Conical Tip To Suit T 2440
T1077 0.8mm Tube 15gm Lead Free Solder
T1095 0.8mm Tube 17gm 60/40 Leaded Solder
T1082 1.0mm Tube 15gm Lead Free Solder
T1498 10 Piece Plastic Opening Tool Set
H0272 18 Way 310x200x48mm Parts Storage Case
T3190 1L Cable Pulling Lubricant
TB2440 1mm Conical Tip To Suit T 2440
T1933E 2.5mm Flat Blade Precision Screwdriver
H0275 20 Way 350x270x55mm Parts Storage Case
TC2440 2mm Chisel Tip To Suit T 2440
T1289 300W Handheld Hot Air SMD Rework Gun
X0102 35W Digital Display Ultrasonic Cleaner
T2173A 38 Piece Micro Precision Driver Kit
T2185A 48 Piece Micro Screwdriver Set
T2748A 5
T3127 50g Silicone Dielectric Grease
T2487A 50W 240V Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron
T2161 62 Piece Micro Screwdriver Set
T2168A 69 Piece Dual Ratchet Screwdriver Set
T2963 76mm x 40m White Phat-Gaffa Tape
H0279 8 Way 350x270x100mm Parts Storage Case
X0430A 8x Handheld Dual LED Magnifier
T3097 Air Duster Aerosol 350g
T2376 Anti Static 3 Piece Tweezer Set
T1246A Anti-Static Solder Sucker
T1560 Blade Set PK 6 Suit T 1566A Modular Crimper
T3176 Clearcote Circuit Board Lacquer
T3086A Clearcote Circuit Board Lacquer Aerosol 175g
T3061A Contact Cleaning Lube Aerosol 175g
T1571B Crimptool Modular  Ratchet
T2370 Deburring External Chamfer Tool
T2825A Economy 5
T1292 Filter Set to Suit T 1290 - T 1297
T1497 Flexible Device Opening Tool
T3084A Freezer Spray Non Flammable Aerosol 300g
T1295A Fume Extractor 240V - Plastic
T1297 Fume Extractor Desk Swing Arm
T3113 Inox Aerosol MX3 Lubricant 300g
T3032 Inox Battery Conditioner 1L Bottle
T3031 Inox Battery Conditioner 92ml Bottle
S8747B Inspection Camera Endoscope With Wi-Fi App Control
T3037 Isopropyl Alcohol 1 Litres
T3034 Isopropyl Alcohol 125ml
T1499 LCD Opening Suction Cup Pliers
T3019 Low Odour Adhesive Glue 8460 20gm

All prices include GST