C5220 10
C2160A 100mm 100V 5W Ceiling EWIS Speaker White Grille (Grommet Ver.)
C0703A 100mm 5W 100V White One-Shot Surface Mount EWIS Speaker
C0876 165mm (6.5
C2179 165mm (6.5
C1029A 2 Way (10
C1023A 2 Way (8
C1026A 2 Way 200mm (8
C2181 200mm (8
CB2134VC 200mm (8
C2184 200mm (8
C0991A 200mm 8 Inch 2 Way MP3 USB Powered PA Speaker
C1549 20W 100V IP65 EWIS Sound Projector PA Speaker
C0993A 254mm 10 Inch 2 Way MP3 USB Powered PA Speaker
C0614B 66mm 2W 8 Ohm Mylar Cone Speaker
C1065 Ceiling Mount 240W Subwoofer 4 Ohm/100V
C1066 Ceiling Speaker Support Bridge to suit C1065 Subwoofer
C2165 Ceiling Tile Bridge to suit 3 Clip Fire Rated One-Shot Speakers
C5210 Floor Standing 100W Subwoofer 8 Ohm/100V
C2117B High Output 15W 100V 200mm (8”) Fire/Evac (EWIS)
C0699A Surface Mount Speaker Install Bracket
C5054A Yamaha YAS209 Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer

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