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A1760 Microphone Delay/Mic-Line Recorder

Microphone Delay/Mic-Line Recorder

A1760 NEW

three modes of operation, determined by DIP switches, which include an Audio Delay, a Microphone Recorder and a Audio Recorder.
A1741B 8 Way MP3 Message Player With Alert/Evac

8 Way MP3 Message Player With Alert/Evac

A1741B NEW

Programmable MP3 message player designed to allow custom programming, tones, messages or music for use in interactive displays, security, customer entry and emergency evacuation announcements.
A4574 Alert/Evac/Chime Tone Generator

Alert/Evac/Chime Tone Generator

A4574 NEW

This unit has provision for playback of Alert, Evacuation and chime tones as well as an alert and/or emergency message. When connected to a paging system amplifier, building occupants can be alerted and/or evacuated in the event of an emergency e.g.: fire, gas leak, bomb scare, earthquake.
A1720B MP3/MicroSD Tone Generator & Message Player Module

MP3/MicroSD Tone Generator & Message Playe...

A1720B NEW

The A 1720B is an MP3 based message player and tone generator designed for public address, security, customer direction or emergency evacuation announcements.

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