New Kit: Spring Reverb Unit

  • The new Silicon Chip Spring Reverb guitar effects kit is available to order now! We will be shipping these out in mid-May. This new kit provides reverberation effects for your guitar or other instrument. Adds complexity and depth to your sound to impress the punters. Easy to build and integrate into other projects thanks to its 9-15VAC or 12-15VDC power requirement.


    Reverb tank type: two spring
    Anti-microphonic features: spring suspension, plastic mounting bushings
    Spring tank dimensions: 235 x 87 x 34mm
    Reverb delay times: 23ms, 29ms
    Reverb decay time: around two seconds
    Input sensitivity: ~25mV RMS
    Frequency response (undelayed signal): 20Hz-19kHz (-3dB)
    Frequency response (reverb signal): 200Hz-3.4kHz (-3dB)
    Signal-to-noise ratio (undelayed signal): 62dB
    Signal-to-noise ratio (typical reverb setting): 52dB
    THD+N (undelayed signal): typically around 0.05% (100mV signal)
    Controls: level, reverb depth, reverb on/off
    Power supply: 9-15VAC, 18-30VAC centre tapped or 12-15V DC
    Quiescent current: typically 30-40mA

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