New Site Login Information

  • As you can see, our new site is now live. If you had a login on our previous website your current information will continue to work on the new site, with one important difference. Instead of a user name, accounts are now linked to the email address that the account was set up on.

    So "Username" and "Password/PIN" become "Email Address" and "Password".

    What if I can't remember my registered email address?
    If you cannot remember the email address linked to your original registration then create a new registration using your last known email address (which you have access to). This will force the site to check the new registration against the customer database - if it finds a matching email address, it will prompt you to visit the forgot password page to reset your password using that address.

    If you have any further queries, please contact us via the contact page for help.

    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR OLD ACCOUNTS (PRE APRIL 2013): In 2013 we changed our login requirements on the previous website. This involved changing to an 8 character password. If you think you have registered with us previously, but did not go through this update process, your account will have been removed from our database. If this is the case, please re-register.

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