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(SC July-Aug 15) Provides an audible and visual alert when a vehicle is detected in your driveway. It features an output to activate a mains switch to turn on lighting for a preset time. Uses magnetic field detection for reduced false triggers that are typical of ultrasonic systems. It can even detect vehicle direction and will play a different sound for arrivals and departures. Can also be used on farms for gate access monitoring. Outdoor unit is powered by a single AA battery. If the outdoor unit is housed in a weatherproof box and is fitted with an AA NiMH rechargeable cell, a small solar panel (typically found in cheap garden lights) can be connected to power the unit from the sun. Indoor unit is powered by 12V DC plugpack (included).

Important Note For Kit Buyers:
This product is supplied in component form and requires soldering, drilling, and assembly. We recommend users are familiar with at least basic electronic principles and have the ability to solder.


  • Remote vehicle detection with adjustable detection sensitivity
  • Vehicle detection LED indication
  • Vehicle direction detection
  • Solar panel and NiMH cell powered
  • Transmits vehicle detection via UHF link to the receiver
  • Typical UHF range: 200m in open space
  • Eight possible UHF transmission identities to allow for multiple Driveway Monitor pairs to be used in close proximity
  • Selectable vehicle entry only or exit only detection or both entry and exit detection
  • Optional non-directional indication
  • Vehicle direction detection setting to cater for detector positioning and driveway orientation
  • Over range indication (flashes red & green LEDs in detector unit) alternately.
  • Diagnostic setting
  • Receiver has audible and visible indication of vehicle detection
  • Receiver produces different sounds for exit and entry unless non-direction detection is selected on the detector unit
  • Detection sampling rate: typically 300ms
  • Set & reset pulses: every 10s

Why buy an Altronics Kit?
Altronics kits are premium do-it-yourself projects designed to be assembled with ease. However, basic electronics knowledge and soldering skills are essential to construct our kits. A difficulty rating is provided to help determine if your ability is sufficient to build the kit project. Please note, once assembly has been commenced we are unable to honor any warranty claims. Please see the full details here.


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