S5314A Passive Infra Red (PIR) Movement Detector
S5316 Pet Immune Passive Infra Red (PIR) Movement Detector
S5317 Economy PIR Detector with 20kg Pet Immunity
S5320 Mini Passive Infra Red Movement (PIR) Alarm
S5322 Wireless PIR Chime / Alert System
S5327 Small Magnetic Door and Window Alarm/Chime
S5333 Infra Red Photo Electric Sensor
S5335 Infra Red Door Entry Alert System
S5336 Counter Module suit S5335
S5337 Extension Speaker suit S5335
S5368 Mini Shock Vibration Detector
S5373 HID (RFID) Weatherproof Entry Door Alarm Control Keypad
S5375 ID (RFID) Access Control Card 125KHz
S5376 ID (RFID) Access Control Key Fob 125KHz
S5377 HID (RFID) Vandal Resistant Control Keypad with Card Reader
S5385 12VAC/DC Door Strike
S5387A Fail Secure 12V DC Door Strike
S5400 Large Alarm Warning Sticker
S5405 Small Alarm Warning Sticker Pair
S5415A 100dB Combination Wall Mount Siren Strobe
S5417 110dB Weatherproof Siren Blue LED Strobe
S5419 118dB 50W Weatherproof Siren Strobe
S5430 24V 15W Red Strobe
S5435 24V 15W Amber Strobe

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