S5405 Small Alarm Warning Sticker Pair
S5400 Large Alarm Warning Sticker
S5160 Normally Open ( N/O ) White Tamper Switch
S5170 Normally Open ( N/O ) Black Tamper Switch
S9260 200x75mm CCTV Surveillance Stickers
S5313 Wall bracket to suit S 5314A / S 5316 PIR
S5154C Wood Door Flush Mount Magnetic Reed Switch
S5375 ID (RFID) Access Control Card 125KHz
S5376 ID (RFID) Access Control Key Fob 125KHz
S4021 Red 3mm 12V DC Flashing LED With Bezel
S5313A Wall Bracket to Suit Passive Infra Red (PIR) Movement Detector
P0665 RJ45 Male to 8-Way Screw Terminal Adapter
S5174 Normally Closed ( N/C ) Alarm Tamper Switch
S5173 Normally Open ( N/O ) Alarm System Tamper Switch
S5165 Normally Closed ( N/C ) White Tamper Switch
S5157A SPST Surface Mount Mini Magnetic Reed Switch
S9066 Small Aluminium CCTV Bracket
S5158B Steel Door Flush Mount Magnetic Reed Switch
S5311A Outdoor Passive Infra Red Swivel Bracket Suit for S 5312A
S5153 SPDT Surface Mount Magnetic Reed Switch
S9261 400x150mm CCTV Surveillance Sticker
S5368 Mini Shock Vibration Detector
S6127 12V Ceiling Mount Siren Alarm Piezo Indoor
S6122B 12V Ceiling Mount Siren Alarm Piezo

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