T2780A 145mm Carbon Steel Serrated Curved Nose Pliers
T2785A 4 Piece Circlip / Snap Ring Plier Set
T2787 Crimptool Gel Filled Connector
T2800 8
T2815 6
T2825 Economy 5
T2825A Economy 5
T2830 Large Side Cutter 6.5
T2850 Heavy Duty Cable Cutter
T2852 235mm Heavy Duty Cable Cutters
T2855 Ratchet Conduit Cutters 6-42mm
T2860 8
T2860A 8” Heavy Duty Insulated 1000V Bull Nose Electrical Pliers
T2862 254mm Adjustable Multigrip Pliers
T2865A 6” Insulated 1000V Electrical Side Cutters
T2870 6
T2870A 8
T2937A 10W Hot Melt Glue Gun
T2938A 7mm Glue Sticks 100mm 12pk to Suit T 2937A
T2939A 7mm Glue Sticks 300mm 20pk to Suit T 2937A
T2940 60W Hot Melt Glue Gun
T2940A 60W Hot Melt Glue Gun
T2942A 12mm Glue Sticks 100mm 6pk to Suit T 2940A
T2943A 12mm Glue Sticks 300mm 10pk to Suit T 2940A

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