T1264 1.0 MM Spare Tip to suit T 1260
T1265 1.2 MM Spare Tip to suit T 1260
T1266 1.5 MM Spare Tip to suit T 1260
T1276 Tip Cleaner to Suit T 1260/80
T1286 Attachments Pk 4 to suit T 1285 and T 1287
T1287A 1300W SMD Hot Air Re-Work Desoldering Station
T1289 300W Handheld Hot Air SMD Rework Gun
T1291 Filter Set to Suit T 1295 / T 2444A
T1292 Filter Set to Suit T 1290 - T 1297
T1295 Fume Extractor 240V - Metal
T1295A Fume Extractor 240V - Plastic
T1296 Fume Extractor Speed Adjustable Fan
T1297 Fume Extractor Desk Swing Arm
T1300 Solder Reel Stand
T1306 Solder Reel/Iron Holder Stand
T1310A Heavy Duty Iron Soldering Stand
T1320 Solder Sponge to suit T 1310
T1328 Tip Tinner High Strength 20gm
T1330 Solder Tip Cleaner and Holder
T1332 Dry Tip Solder Cleaner
T1349 Vacuum Surface Mount Device Pickup Tool
T1400 Universal Alignment Tool Set
T1420 10 Piece Alignment Tool Set
T1422 M3-M12 Tap and Die Set 20pc

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