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T1487 145mm Precision Hobby Knife

145mm Precision Hobby Knife


Perfect hobby knife where accuracy and precision are paramount.
T1488 Spare Hobby Knife Blades to suit T 1487 Pk10

Spare Hobby Knife Blades to suit T 1487 Pk10


Spare blades for T 1487 hobby knife. Pack of 10.
T1490 Multi-Purpose Snips

Multi-Purpose Snips


Super sharp stainless steel scissors suitable for cutting cloth, carpet, linoleum, leather, cardboard, tin plate, foam rubber, ribbon cable etc. Includes safety latch. Length 160mm.
T2340 Center Punch Automatic

Center Punch Automatic


Makes for easy repetitive punching into wood, metal or plastics. Tip is made from high quality carbon steel. Tension is adjustable depending on what material you are using or how deep you want to mark the surface.

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