GSL Electronics is a privately owned company that designs, manufactures and distributes power conversion and electronic equipment for the automotive, communications and solar industries. They are based in Sydney, NSW and maintain a network of distributors and stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have also recently commenced sales of solar products to markets in Asia. Their product range includes solar chargers, voltage reducers, voltage doublers, battery chargers, dual battery isolators, fluorescent lights, light inverters, power inverters, power supplies, brake controls and reversing alarms.

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N2098 Dual Battery Monitor/Meter
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Dual Battery Monitor/Meter

Donít be caught under or overcharging your dual battery setup with this handy LCD monitor. It provides accurate Ī50mV readings of main and auxiliary battery voltages, with dual bargraph displays. Suits both single and dual battery systems. 5-17V input. 1.5m 4 core cable. Size: 59 x 44 x 21mm.


Manufacturer's P/No:DBM-12

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N2036 60A MPPT Solar Charger

60A MPPT Solar Charger

N2036 In Stock

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N2026 12A MPPT Solar Charger

12A MPPT Solar Charger

N2026 In Stock

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N2028 12A Programmable MPPT Solar Charger

12A Programmable MPPT Solar Charger

N2028 In Stock

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N2038 60A Programmable MPPT Solar Charger

60A Programmable MPPT Solar Charger

N2038 Low Stock

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N2030 30A MPPT Solar Charger

30A MPPT Solar Charger

N2030 In Stock

  • $345.00
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  • 2+ $330.00