T1422 M3-M12 Tap and Die Set 20pc
T1483 Wallboard Gyprock Saw
T1485 Box Cutter Utility Knife
T1487 145mm Precision Hobby Knife
T1488 Spare Hobby Knife Blades To Suit T1487 Pk10
T1489 16 Piece Hobbyist Knife Kit
T1490A Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Snips
T2125 USB Lithium 25,000RPM Rotary Tool
T2305 3mm ( 1.8
T2306 19 Piece HSS-R Drill Bit Set
T2312A 140mm ( 5.5
T2313A 140mm ( 5.5
T2314A 40-300mm Adjustable Holesaw Cutter
T2315 Blade to Suit T2314
T2315A Blade to Suit T2314
T2315B Blade to Suit T2314A
T2320A 0.8mm x 38mm PCB Drill Bit
T2321A 1.0mm x 38mm PCB Drill Bit
T2322A 1.2mm x 38mm PCB Drill Bit
T2323A 1.5mm x 38mm PCB Drill Bit
T2329 PCB Drill Bit Set 0.3-1.2mm Pk 10
T2332 4 to 12mm / 9 Step Drill Bit
T2333 4 to 20mm / 9 Step Drill Bit
T2335 Stainless Steel Pin Vice
T2340 Center Punch Automatic
T2350 4 Piece Stainless Steel Pick and Scribe Set
T2355 Sheetmetal Nibbling Tool
T2368 92mm (3.62
T2369 92mm (3.62
T2370 Deburring External Chamfer Tool
T2372 3-13mm Tapered Reamer

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