A0345 Remote Control Mains Operated Switch 3 Pack
D0919 PSMBS2K UPS Maintenance Bypass Switch 2kVA
D0920 PSMBS3K UPS Maintenance Bypass Switch 3kVA
D0934 VoltGuard AVR 3 Outlet Surge Protected Power Conditioner
D0942 10A IEC C13 / C14 In Line Power Filter
M8896 Allocacoc PowerCube Extended  5 Way Mains  Adapter
M8898 Allocacoc PowerCube Extended  4 Way Mains & USB Adapter
P8104 Mains Double Adaptor With Surge Protection
P8139 Wireless Mains Power Monitor - Channel 3 Transmitter
P8146 Pop Up 3 Way USB Mains Powerboard
P8148 Smart Wi-Fi Controlled Mains Socket
P8154 PSZ5U2 Zapguard Surge Protected 5 Way Power Board
P8156 PSZ8U2 Zapguard Surge Protected 8 Way Power Board
P8172 Ultracharge RCD Protected 10A-15A Powerblock
P8174 Ultracharge RCD Protected 10A Powerblock
P8176 Ultracharge RCD Protected 15A Powerblock
P8250 Mains Double Adapter
P8250A Mains Double Right Adaptor With Surge Protection
P8261 4 Way Mains Power Board
P8261A 4 Way Mains Power Board
P8264 6 Way Mains Power Board
P8264A 6 Way Mains Power Board
P8266 8 Way Surge Protected Mains Power Board
P8267B 4 Way Switched Mains Power Board

All prices include GST