A0345 Remote Control Mains Operated Switch 3 Pack
A0346 Remote Control Mains Operated Switch
A0347 Extra Mains Operated Switch for A0346
D0919 PSMBS2K UPS Maintenance Bypass Switch 2kVA
D0920 PSMBS3K UPS Maintenance Bypass Switch 3kVA
D0934 VoltGuard AVR 3 Outlet Surge Protected Power Conditioner
D0942 10A IEC C13 / C14 In Line Power Filter
M8896 Allocacoc PowerCube Extended  5 Way Mains  Adapter
M8898 Allocacoc PowerCube Extended  4 Way Mains + USB Adapter
P8104 Mains Double Adaptor With Surge Protection
P8143 RCD Safety Switch Outlet
P8146 Pop Up 3 Way USB Mains Powerboard
P8148 Smart Wi-Fi Controlled Mains Socket
P8154 PSZ5U2 Zapguard Surge Protected 5 Way Power Board
P8156 PSZ8U2 Zapguard Surge Protected 8 Way Power Board
P8172 Ultracharge RCD Protected 10A-15A Powerblock
P8174 Ultracharge RCD Protected 10A Powerblock
P8176 Ultracharge RCD Protected 15A Powerblock
P8250A Mains Double Right Adaptor With Surge Protection
P8261A 4 Way Mains Power Board
P8264A 6 Way Mains Power Board
P8266 8 Way Surge Protected Mains Power Board
P8267B 4 Way Switched Mains Power Board
P8273 6 Way Surge Protection Power Board

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