S8747A Inspection Camera Endoscope With Wi-Fi App Control
S8747B Inspection Camera Endoscope With Wi-Fi App Control
T1470 15x Examination Loupe
T1480 Air Duster with Brush
T1495 Component Leg Bending Tool
T1583 Connector Seating & Removal Tool - Suit BNC
T2110 1500 Watt 240 Volt Heat Gun
T2166 Precision 10pc Spanner Set 4-11mm
T2245 Metal Dial Vernier Calipers
T2247A Digital LCD Metal Vernier Calipers
T2342 Mirror Inspection Tool
T2346 Professional Cable Tie Gun
T2347 Professional Steel Cable Tie Gun
T2352 5 Piece Needle File Set
T2358 Cable Staples To Suit T 2357 (4-6mm) PK200
T2362 Round Cable Staples (9.5-11mm) PK200 to suit T 2360
T2367 75mm Gyroscopic Mini Bench Vice
T2374 4 Piece Precision Tweezer Set
T2375 Needle Nose Precision Tweezers
T2377 Self Closing Precision Tweezers
T2379 SMD Angled Precision Tweezers
T2385 Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool
T2550 8-40 Pin IC Extraction Tool
T2555 Magnifier Head Goggles

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