S8747A Inspection Camera Endoscope With Wi-Fi App Control
S8747B Inspection Camera Endoscope With Wi-Fi App Control
T1349 Vacuum Surface Mount Device Pickup Tool
T1470 15x Examination Loupe
T1480 Air Duster with Brush
T1495 Component Leg Bending Tool
T1497 Flexible Device Opening Tool
T1498 10 Piece Plastic Opening Tool Set
T1499 LCD Opening Suction Cup Pliers
T1583 Connector Seating & Removal Tool - Suit BNC
T2110 1500 Watt 240 Volt Heat Gun
T2166 Precision 10pc Spanner Set 4-11mm
T2245 Metal Dial Vernier Calipers
T2247A Digital LCD Metal Vernier Calipers
T2342 Mirror Inspection Tool
T2346 Professional Cable Tie Gun
T2347 Professional Steel Cable Tie Gun
T2352 5 Piece Needle File Set
T2358 Cable Staples To Suit T 2357 (4-6mm) PK200
T2362 Round Cable Staples (9.5-11mm) PK200 to suit T 2360
T2367 75mm Gyroscopic Mini Bench Vice
T2374 4 Piece Precision Tweezer Set
T2375 Needle Nose Precision Tweezers
T2376 Anti Static 3 Piece Tweezer Set

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