T1242 Solder Sucker Tool MkII
T1242A Aluminium Solder Sucker
T1243 Teflon Tip to Suit T 1242
T1243A Replacement Tip to suit T 1242A
T1246 Solder Sucker Tool - Anti-static
T1246A Anti-Static Solder Sucker
T1247 Spare tip for T 1246
T1247A Spare Tip to suit T 1246A
T1263 Replacement Filter Set
T1264 1.0 MM Spare Tip to suit T 1260
T1265 1.2 MM Spare Tip to suit T 1260
T1266 1.5 MM Spare Tip to suit T 1260
T1276 Tip Cleaner to Suit T 1260/80
T1286 Attachments Pk 4 to suit T 1285 and T 1287
T1291 Filter Set to Suit T 1295 / T 2444A
T1292 Filter Set to Suit T 1290 - T 1297
T1295 Fume Extractor 240V - Metal
T1295A Fume Extractor 240V - Plastic
T1296 Fume Extractor Speed Adjustable Fan
T1297 Fume Extractor Desk Swing Arm
T1300 Solder Reel Stand
T1306 Solder Reel/Iron Holder Stand
T1310A Heavy Duty Iron Soldering Stand
T1320 Solder Sponge to suit T 1310

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