Quality connectors & board headers.

The Oupiin connector range makes up a significant part of the Altronics selection of jacks, plugs, sockets and headers. We have been supplying Oupiin product to Australian manufacturers and enthusiasts since the 1980's and they have proven to provide a consistent, quality product. We even use many of their connector products in our own Redback audio amplifiers.

Oupiin operates fully automated factories in Taiwan and China and provides necessary safety standards for their products as specificed by UL, CUL, CSA and other foreign agences. Oupiin takes pride in using the most state-of-the-art equipment available and is considered one of the most modern connector manufacturers in the world.

The Oupiin Connector Range...

D-Sub Connectors

DE15, DE9, DA15 and DB25 connectors in a variety of pin configurations.

Headers & Shunts

High quality gold plated multi-pin headers and sockets for boards.

Modular RJ Connectors

Modular PCB sockets & RJ line crimp plugs for data termination.

IDC Headers

Multi-pin boxed board and transition connectors for IDC cabling.