Powertran® Power Adapters, Appliance Power Cords & Transformers.

Fully Energy Authority Approved.

Consumer beware! The Australian marketplace is flooded with cheap imported power supplies and leads, often shipped within products, which do not meet the strict standards of the Australian approval authorities. Many lack the necessary insulation and safety circuitry to ensure safe operation and could represent a real danger to buyers! The Powertran range has been fully approved for use in Australia and have the SAA approvals required by law. Altronics spends considerable time and money maintaining our compliance for this range to ensure the safety of our customers.

Choosing a power adapter.

The two factors to consider when choosing a replacement power adapter are voltage and current. Always ensure the input voltage of your device matches the output voltage of the power adapter. Almost all devices will have a rating label on the back of the product showing what voltage (V) it operates on. Alternatively the DC input socket may be marked. Current will also be marked on the rating label in amps (A). Now it is not essential to match the current exactly, only that it has MORE current than is required. So a 0.5A device will happily run on a 1, 2 or 3A power adapter, it will simply draw down only the required amount of current for it to operate.

Read our how to guide for selecting a replacement appliance power supply.

The Powertran Range...

Power Adapters

AC/DC and AC/AC power adapters to suit a huge array of appliances.

Appliance Power Cables

Approved OEM appliance power cables fitted with IEC & 3 pin mains plugs.

Battery Chargers

A range of battery chargers for consumer and SLA batteries.


EI Core, toroidal and PCB mount transformers for OEM manufacturers.