A0700 3.5W Mono Amplifier Module
A0702 12W Mono Amplifier Module
A0705 40W Mono Amplifier Module
A0720 12W Plug And Play Mono Amplifier Module
K2112 Champ Preamplifier Kit
K2115 8 Ohm 0.5W Champ Power Amplifier Kit
K2545 Minty Synth Synthesiser Kit
K5026 Remote Volume Control Kit
K5116 20W Amplifier Module Kit
K5117 Power Supply Kit To Suit K5116 Amplifier
K5120 50W RMS Amplifier Module Kit
K5136 12V 20 Watt Amplifier Module Kit
K5157 200W SC200 Amplifier Module Kit
K5158 Hummingbird 100W Amplifier Module Kit
K5167 Stereo Speaker Protector Board for 135W Ultra LD Amplifier
K5168 Power Supply Board for 135W Ultra LD Amplifier
K5169 Remote Control Preamp Board for 135W Ultra LD Amplifier
K5172 Six Input Stereo Audio Selector Kit
K5174 Toslink To S/PDIF Converter Kit
K5181 Classic 250W Class D Audio Amplifier Kit
K5193 Case To Suit K5192 Hifi Valve Preamplifier Kit
K5255 K5250 Power Supply Kit
K5305 SC 1995 5 Band Graphic Equaliser Kit
K5310 7 Band Mono Equaliser Kit

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