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K1685 6V / 12V Gel Cell Charger Kit
K2620 Five-Way LCD  Panel Meter Kit
K2920 USB Sensing Mains Power Switch Kit
K2930 Opto-Isolated Mains Relay
K3015 Filter Capacitor Power Supply PCB - 4 Way
K3215 +-15VDC Power Supply Kit
K3218 Dual Tracking 0-19V Power Supply Kit
K3220 Universal Regulator Kit
K4326 Voltmeter LED Expanded Scale Kit
K6042 240V Mains Soft Starter Kit
K6049 240V Mains Brownout Protector Kit
K6330 DC-DC Converter 3-9V Kit
K6340 Mini Switching Regulator
K8116 Light Sensitive Switch Kit
K8120 Thermostat Switching Kit
K8130 Clap On / Off Switcher Kit
K8131 DC Pulse Width Modulator Controller Kit
K8132 Interval Timer Switch Kit

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