C0321 3 Pin XLR Dynamic Handheld Paging Microphone
C0324 3 Pin XLR  Handheld Supermarket Paging Microphone
C0325 5 Pin XLR  Handheld Supermarket Paging Microphone
C0327 Gooseneck Supermarket Paging Microphone
C0330B CB Type Curly 0.75m Microphone Lead With Bare Ends
C0333 CB Type Microphone With Bare Ends
C0334 5 Pin XLR CB Type Balanced Microphone
C0335 CB Type Balanced Microphone With Bare Ends
C0336 CB Type Microphone Mounting Clip
C0337 12mm Lapel Microphone Windsock
C0338 8mm Windsock to suit C 8911A
C0339 Windsock to suit Altronics Aviation Headsets (Electret)
C0340 20mm Pencil Microphone Windsock
C0341 Windsock to suit C 9064 Altronics Aviation Headsets
C0342 27mm Medium Microphone Windsock
C0344 40mm Ball Microphone Windsock
C0345 10mm Pencil Microphone Windsock
C0346 Windsock to suit C0375
C0347 Windsock to suit C0361
C0348 Windsock to suit C8914
C0351A Boundary Mic Pro Electret
C0353 2-Way Desktop Paging Microphone Intercom
C0354 Dynamic Insert Gooseneck PTT Microphone
C0356 Phantom Powered Choir Microphone

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