L1985 156-163MHz 115cm 3dB VHF Marine Whip Antenna with Base
L2004 DAB+ FM Digital Radio Antenna
L2006B TV Antenna Metro Periodic 28 Element Digital
L2008A UHF Digital Phased Array TV Antenna
L2017C TV Antenna 7 Element Digital VHF
L2019 4G LTE TV Antenna PAL Type Signal Filter
L2022 4G LTE TV AntennaF Type Signal Filter
L2024A TV Antenna Rabbit Ears Complete With Base
L2026 TV Antenna Indoor Amplified Digital
L2033 TV Antenna Steel Roof Mount 1.2m
L2034 TV Antenna Roof Valley Mount 1.4m
L2036 TV Antenna Facisa Mount 1.8m
L2040 4 Way CATTV Cat5 TV Distribution Amplifier
L2046 2 Way MATV Booster Amplifier / Splitter F Type
L2048 1 In To 1 Out TV Signal Amplifier
L2051 4 Way MATV Booster Amplifier / Splitter F Type
L2059 1-Output VHF Masthead Antenna Amplifier
L2062A Masthead Antenna Amplifier UHF/VHF F Type
L2084 4-Output Masthead Antenna Amplifier
L2105A Digital TV Finder 160-860MHz
L2124 Professional 3.5” Digital TV Signal Tester & Cable Finder
L2300 Weather Proof Boot to Suit RG59 / RG6
L2301 Weather Proof Boot to Suit RG6
L2314 0-35mm Weatherproof Flashing Boot to suit Metal Roofing

All prices include GST