Q0965 High Current AC/DC Clamp Meter 600A
Q1053B 19 Range Digital Multimeter With Transistor Test
Q1074a Auto Ranging True RMS Digital Multimeter
Q1090 9999 Count Autoranging Digital Multimeter
Q1126A 19 Range Mini True RMS Digital Multimeter with NCV
Q1129 Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter
Q1134A Autoranging True RMS Digital Multimeter
Q1135 True RMS Autoranging Digital Multimeter
Q1150B Digital LC Meter
T1246A Anti-Static Solder Sucker
T1247A Spare Tip to suit T 1246A
T1263 Replacement Filter Set
T1264 1.0 MM Spare Tip to suit T 1260
T1265 1.2 MM Spare Tip to suit T 1260
T1266 1.5 MM Spare Tip to suit T 1260
T1276 Tip Cleaner to Suit T 1260/80
T1286 Attachments Pk 4 to suit T 1285 and T 1287
T1287A 1300W SMD Hot Air Re-Work Desoldering Station
T1291 Filter Set to Suit T 1295 / T 2444A
T1295 Fume Extractor 240V - Metal
T1296 Fume Extractor Speed Adjustable Fan
T1297 Fume Extractor Desk Swing Arm
T2052 Combination 60W Soldering & 90W Vacuum Desoldering Station
T2056 0.5mm Round Tip to Suit T 2052

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