C2117B High Output 15W 100V 200mm (8”) Fire/Evac (EWIS)
C0357 Desktop Phantom Power Supply
C2179 165mm (6.5
C2184 200mm (8
C2181 200mm (8
C8844B UHF Wireless Microphone System Antenna Splitter / Combiner
A2069 Lockdown / Fire / Chime / Cancel Remote Wall Plate
C5285 Mini Satellite Speaker Pair
A2096 Firephone Warden Intercom Point (WIP)
C1549 20W 100V IP65 EWIS Sound Projector PA Speaker
A6507 RS485 Serial 100V Line Attenuator
A4931 Microphone/Line Pre Amplifier Wallplate
A5138 Microphone Wallplate to suit A 5135
A4931V Microphone/Line Pre Amplifier Wallplate
A4928 Single Output Microphone/Line Hub
A4932 Balanced Microphone/Line Pre Amplifier
A4599 Lockdown/Chime/Fire/Cancel Remote Wall Plate
MB1140 100V Line to 8 Ohm Speaker Transformer Adapter
A1720B MP3/MicroSD Tone Generator & Message Player Module
C0991A 200mm 8 Inch 2 Way MP3 USB Powered PA Speaker
A4205 3VA Kiosk Hearing Induction Loop Amplifier
A6505A 3 Relay, 2 Serial Control Hub With PIR Trigger
A6512 Single Serial Volume Controller
A6514 Dual Serial Volume Controller

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