P7822 30A 500V XT30 Style High Current DC Connector
P7876 Dust Plug Set to suit 175A Anderson Plugs
W0804 Solder Sleeve Heatshrink Red Tube Pk6
W0808 Solder Sleeve Heatshrink Blue Tube Pk6
S5382 HID (RFID) Access Control Key Fob 13.56MHz
W0812 Solder Sleeve Heatshrink Yellow Tube Pk6
P1921A 15cm USB A Female to Micro USB Male Cable
Z6479 Raspberry Pi® Zero To Pi Camera Cable
SW5042 2 X AA Waterproof Battery Holder IP65
Z0195 0.5
H1619B 1.0g Silver CPU Heatsink Thermal Paste Syringe
P1483A 8P8C RJ45 PCB Mount Modular Socket 4-Way
S3186 DPST Illuminated 10A Rocker Switch
S4244 12V 2A DPDT Miniature PCB Signal Relay
S3241 DPST Momentary On/Off Heavy Duty Rockers
H3610 6.5mm Dome Plug Pk 10
H1700A Red IP66 Buttsplice Crimp Pk 10k
Z6476 1m Raspberry Pi® Camera Extension Cable
H9183 80 x 40 x 20mm Black Plastic Vented Enclosure
H1825A Yellow 8mm Ring Crimp Pk 10
P8033 Altronics White Dual Blank Wallplate Cover
H9186 60 x 60 x 20mm Black Plastic Vented Enclosure
C0699A Surface Mount Speaker Install Bracket
S3270 SPDT Momentary Solder Tail Microswitch (15A)

All prices include GST