T2128A USB 42 in 1 Electronic Screwdriver Kit
S9900J 5MP Surveillance CCTV DVR + 4 Camera Dome Package
D2337A USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable 10m
D2336A USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable 5m
M8197 Portable Power Generator 6Ah/80W
D0980 Maono® AU-902 USB Cardioid Condenser Podcast Mic
T1475A Screwdriver Magnetiser/Demagnetiser
S1160B 200V 1.0A Horizontal Float Switch
P0791B Round Chassis Mount Speaker Connector Socket
H2179A Blue Buttsplice Crimp Pk 100
P9258 Blue Safety Type Banana Socket
PW8438 2m IEC C13 7.5A 3 Pin White Appliance Mains Power Cable
PW8404 1.8m Figure 8 C7 2.5A 2 Pin White Appliance Mains Power Cable
S8871B LG 21.5
W2427 56/0.30mm Black 10m Tinned Hook Up Handyman Cable Reel
W2426 56/0.30mm Red 10m Tinned Hook Up Handyman Cable Reel
P7851B Dust Cover to suit 120A Anderson Power Plug
HC5396A M6 Captive Nuts Jar 100pcs
W0814 Solder Sleeve Heatshrink Yellow Tube Pk50
W0802 Solder Sleeve Heatshrink White Tube Pk50
P6703 USB Type A Male To 1.35mm DC Plug 1m
P0624A 1.35mm Female Plastic PCB Mount DC Power Socket
H0279 8 Way 350x270x100mm Parts Storage Case
H0275 20 Way 350x270x55mm Parts Storage Case
H0272 18 Way 310x200x48mm Parts Storage Case
D2209 Qi Wireless Charging Motorised Phone Car Mount
C2161A 100mm 100V 5W Ceiling EWIS Speaker Black Grille
X3405A Body Temperature Non Contact IR Thermometer
T1539 Ratchet Crimping Tool Anderson / Uninsulated Lugs
A4581V Remote Alert Evac Chime UTP Wallplate
P1937A USB Type C 3.5mm Headphone Audio Adaptor
A3218C HDMI over HDBaseT Extender with IR
C2260A 100mm 100V 5W Ceiling EWIS Speaker White Metal Grille
C9037B Bluetooth® 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds
H2063B Yellow 5mm Ring Crimp Pk 100
X0430A 8x Handheld Dual LED Magnifier
T2183 Professional 106 Piece Screwdriver Set
Z6383 CSR8635 Bluetooth V4.0 Module
P8156 PSZ8U2 Zapguard Surge Protected 8 Way Power Board
A6500A Programmable Universal Touchscreen Wallplate
HR2002B Red 6.3mm Female Right Angle Spade Crimp Pk 100
HR2001B Red 6.3mm Female Right Angle Spade Crimp Pk 10
HR2007B Blue 6.3mm Female Right Angle Spade Crimp Pk 100
HR2006B Blue 6.3mm Female Right Angle Spade Crimp Pk 10
S0044 16A 240VAC NC Mains Timer Switch
W0806 Solder Sleeve Heatshrink Red Tube Pk50
DA0924 Centurion RT LiFePO4 PSLCERT3000 3000VA UPS
DA0922 Centurion RT LiFePO4 PSLCERT2000 2000VA UPS
DA0920 Centurion RT LiFePO4 PSLCERT1000 1000VA UPS
L2315B 5-55mm Weatherproof Flashing Boot to Suit Metal Roof
H1908B Yellow Pin Terminal Crimp Pk 100
P7458 2m Ultra High Speed V2.1 8K HDMI Cable
P7457 1.5m Ultra High Speed V2.1 8K HDMI Cable
P7455 0.75m Ultra High Speed V2.1 8K HDMI Cable
P1188B 5 Pin PCB Mount DIN Socket
K9642 310pc 2.54mm Header Connector Kit
K8600 Ender-3 Desktop 3D Printer
H0627 Micro U TO220 PCB Mount Heatsink
P0691 Dual USB Dash Mount QC3.0 3.1A Charging Socket
P0690A Dual USB Dash Mount 3.1A Charging Socket
P8142 Earth Leakage Detection Tester
K1096 Multi Claw Robotic Arm Kit
K1141 Hydraulic Robotic Cyborg Hand Kit
R5610A 6uf 400V AC Motor Start Capacitor
N2097 12V 8A PWM Motor Speed Controller
R5616A 30uf 400V AC Motor Start Capacitor
D0511B USB C Power Delivery Battery Bank 20000mAh
P7352A USB C to HDMI Adaptor Cable 15cm
P7350 USB C to VGA Adaptor Cable 15cm
X3257 1m Aluminium Corner Mount Housing for LED Strip Lighting
Z0085A PB1004 400V 10A Plastic Bridge Rectifier
Z0118A 1N5408 1000V 3A Silicon Diode
L2003 Outdoor Caravan / RV Digital TV Antenna Kit
H8952 Argon ONE Case to suit Raspberry Pi 4
N2024A 12/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller 20A
N0212 Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Pair
T1944E #0 Philips Precision Screwdriver
T1933E 2.5mm Flat Blade Precision Screwdriver
M9393B 24V DC 1.5A Appliance Power Supply Adapter
D4278A TL-WA901N 450Mbps Wireless N Access Point
N2088 20A Dual Input Solar MPPT & DC Battery Charger
T3037 Isopropyl Alcohol 1 Litres
P2021 2 Way Terminal suits W 2988
W2988 Flat Dual Conductor Speaker Installation Tape
M8994 USB-C 90W PD Device Laptop Power Supply
D2324 QI Wireless 15W USB Phone Fast Charger Desk Stand
D2322 Desk Mount 10W USB Qi Wireless Fast Charger
Z6309A Raspberry Pi 7
D2323 Desk Mount 96W USB C Power Delivery Charger
T1292 Filter Set to Suit T 1290 - T 1297
P5172A 40 Pin 2.54mm Pitch IDC Transition Plug
H2081B Blue 4mm Fork Crimp Pk 10

All prices include GST