K1109B Kelvin Crazy Cricket Kit
K8397A Creality Premium Black PLA Filament 1kg
K8393A Creality Premium Yellow  PLA Filament 1kg
K8608 CR-10 S5 Large Volume Desktop 3D Printer
Z6244 Funduino Due Arduino Compatible Development Board
Z6387 ESP32 WiFi-Bluetooth Camera Module Development Board
Z6439 BBC Micro:bit Board
H8965 Black and Grey ABS Box to suit Raspberry Pi 4
K8606 CR-10 V2 Desktop 3D Printer
K8604 CP-01 3 in 1 Desktop Laser Engraver / CNC / 3D Printer
K8602 Ender-5 Pro Desktop 3D Printer
Z6457 Programmable Handheld Game Console DIY Kit
Z6455 BME280 Temperature and Humidity Pressure Sensor
K5171 Ultra Low Distortion Preamplifier with  Tone Controls Kit
K5172 Six Input Stereo Audio Selector Kit
Z6473 Raspberry Pi 5MP Fisheye Camera Module
H8964 Red and White ABS Box to suit Raspberry Pi 4
H8958 Acrylic Raspberry Pi 4 Case with Cooling Fan
D0313 16GB Micro SD Card with NOOBS for Raspberry Pi 4
Z6302G Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Single Board Computer 4GB
Z6443 2A Lithium Charger Module
Z6441 ESP8266EX USB Mini Wi-Fi Module
Z6444 Metal Geared MG90S 180° Micro Servo
Z6442 L298N Dual Motor Module for Arduino

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