Altronics will be selling the Fingerprint Access Controller kit as published in the Silicon Chip November edition. Please note, the RRP shown in construction article for this issue was incorrect - please refer to our website for pricing. This new kit is a great way to add keyless and tagless access control to your home, shed or storage area.

Should you wish to make a pre-order, please do so by placing a web order for K 9350 or phone 1300 797 007 and we will backorder a unit against your account.

Do you hate carrying keys? So do we! Would you like to open your front door, security gate or your garage door with your finger? Now you can! This project comprises a fingerprint scanner (FPS), a 2-row LCD and an electric door strike, all controlled by a PIC16F88 microcontroller.

Some laptop PCs and smartphones have a fingerprint scanner to enable you to access them and now you can build a project which works along similar lines. It can store and recognise up to 20 fingerprints and can give access to your home or workplace at any time, day or night. There?s no need to fiddle around with keys ? all you need is a finger!

The fingerprint scanner (FPS) we have used is the GT-511C1R, manufactured by ADH-Tech in Taiwan. It isn?t cheap but getting copies of door keys for up to 20 people can cost a similar amount.

The GT-511C1R FPS comprises an optical sensor (specifically a CCD camera) with an opaque screen (14 x 12.5mm) which you cover with your finger, to scan it. The camera records the fingerprint image which is compared with those stored in a database. If your print is in the database, the micro will unlatch the door, via the electric door strike.

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