Cannington store has moved! Thanks to a certain big name retailer folding up recently we decided to shift our shop directly next door into the high profile location on the corner of Albany Highway and Wharf St in Cannington. Just before Carousel as you are heading out of the city.

Timelapse of tearing down the old Cannington Store on Friday night and Saturday

Timelapse of construction at our new Cannington Store next door on Friday night and Saturday

It was a massive effort by the Cannington store Altronics team to get all the stock, shelving and IT gear moved over the WA Day long weekend, but they did it with almost a full day to spare! Thanks for all of our customers who were very understanding when we were closed on the Saturday, we hope you managed to get what you were after at our Roe St store.

From the weekend of June 12th, Cannington will now also be open on Sundays, allowing you to get those much needed bits for your project between 11am and 4pm.

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