New Altronics Website!

  • As you may well have noticed the Altronics website has received a makeover. Our last website served us well, but it was in need of updating for the modern ecommerce era of the internet.

    We realise its been a long wait for our customers and we hope the new site provides a top notch online shopping experience.

    Integrating the new site with our business systems was our biggest focus. We wanted to ensure no matter whether you were a retail, trade, educational or wholesale customer, that when you logged in, you received customised pricing, specials and promotions tailored specifically for you.

    The old site was not as flexible, meaning we had to manage online specials pricing manually, which often caused inconsistencies between the site and our business software. That's now a thing of the past. Those of you on wholesale pricing, including our reseller network will now see specials pricing tailored to your type of account - something which was impossible on the old site.

    New features we have added to the site include:
    - Wishlist functionality.
    - Order reload function.
    - Customised specials pricing for all account types.
    - Enhanced order management with backorders.
    - Integration of PDF statements and invoices.
    - Extensive filtering system in product categories.
    - Stock availability indication.
    - Delivery charge estimates before checkout.
    - Reviews and customer feedback.
    - Q and A 'ask & answer' on all products.
    - Bigger sharper pics with jumbo zoom images.
    - Manufacturers part numbers available on branded items.
    - Add accessories and related items to your basket directly from the product page.
    - Filter components by value, type and pack size.
    - Filter products by brand, new, special, discounted, not in catalogue, RoHS and road transport status.
    - Improved browsing by brand name.
    - Improved grid, row and list browsing modes.
    - New list browsing mode, ideal for components, offers all pricing breaks and stock availability status in the one view.

    And more!

    The filtering system took considerable effort and should hopefully transform the ability to find the part you are looking for quickly and easily. Especially in the larger component categories such as resistors and capacitors. You will find the categories are a bit larger than the old site, this is because we are relying on the filtering system to do the hard work of refining the results.

    We would love to hear back from you about your experiences browsing the new site and will happily incorporate whatever we can of your suggestions for improvement. We already have a considerable development list to add to the site in the coming months, and we hope that eventually we will become your first 'port of call' when it comes to your electronic needs online.

    The team will be making constant improvements and theres already a significant development list for "version 2.0".

    If you spot a problem please drop us a line through the contact page and we'll try to rectify it as quickly as we can.

    Malcolm Serpis - Site Development Manager
    Ben Lowe - Marketing Manager
    Glenn Hudson - Marketing Assistant

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