INTEGRATE IS BACK! It's been two years since we last got together at Australia's leading AV & PA integrators conference. This August we will be showcasing new products at the Integrate Audio Visual exhibition at ICC Sydney. We look forward to catching up with many of our valued customers at the show to chat about new product developments, ideas and trends in public address. We have many new lines to preview, plus a brand new dedicated Redback catalogue reference, filled with our newest products, some of which are shown below.

New @ Integrate 2022

The 2022-23 Redback Product Guide.

For the first time we've produced a dedicated Redback catalogue so that our customers, system designers and architects can have a central reference for our product line. This 96 page catalogue dispenses with the rest of the Altronics product range and focuses solely on public address and also features all of the new lines on show at Integrate.

The IP Communicator Paging System - A4868

This system has been developed in conjunction with leading Australian PA contractors and an international IP audio manufacturer. It is designed to be simple to set up and install, and most importantly easy for the customer to use. There is no complex programming or set up involved.

This flexible system is ideal for schools, shopping centres and large facilities where multi-zone paging is required between multiple buildings. It bridges the gap between internet protocol (IP) based and traditional 100V line PA systems. All components are designed to be plugged into the building local area network (LAN) and will connect to existing building PA, alarm and bell signalling equipment.

4 x 4 Audio Matrix System - A4450

Feature packed yet simple to set up and use, this mic/line level mixer pairs with easy to use wallplate controllers. With 4 inputs selectable to up to 4 zones it is ideally suited to gyms, cafes, restaurants, small clubs and function centres.

Designed with end users in mind, this complete audio source controller for buildings and venues provides source selection and level control from remotely located wallplate controllers located up to 300m from the main unit. Multiple inputs can be selected/mixed to a zone as desired. It can even be used with our new 7" LCD touchscreen paging console!

4 x 8 Stereo Audio Switcher System - A4460

Designed to allow the distribution of 4 stereo audio input sources to 8 stereo output zones making it ideal for use in function centres, hotels, meeting rooms and domestic homes etc. Sends audio sources from one room to another with total ease.

Combined with touchscreen wallplates, this system provides a central control of audio sources within any environment, mixing up to 4 inputs into 8 zones. Each master control plate can control every zone, plus stream Bluetooth audio. Whilst the local zone wallplates provide source selection for each zone, plus local Bluetooth. All wired back to the main unit using standard UTP cabling. Four external MP3 triggers are also provided to play different sounds on events - such as doorbell activation, motion detection, gate opening etc.

12 x 16 Audio Matrix System - A4650

We set out to see just how much we could fit onto the rear panel of a 2RU case with the new 12 x 16 audio matrix system. With touchscreen wallplate controls in up to 16 zones, its perfect for multi-function venues where multiple sources have to be sent to many different zones and configurations need to be changed quickly.

Incorporating 4 microphone inputs and up to 12 line inputs, this easy to set up and control matrix is ideal for RSL clubs, pubs, taverns and function centres.

Operation is very intuitive and requires no complex training. Any input can be selected to any output zone or combination of zones. All four mic inputs can be selected simultaneously to any zone or combination of zones, along with one of the auxiliary inputs.

Overall system control can be managed with a LCD touchscreen master control wallplate. This allows control of inputs and volume settings for all zones. LCD Touchscreen zone control plates allow input selection and volume control for one zone only. Each zone control plate can be connected to a local input plate which provides connection for microphones or a music source. Bluetooth audio streaming is also provided on each zone wallplate. Third party control is also available using RS232.

Plus so much more we've been working on!

More than anything at Integrate we enjoy talking to installers and AV integrators about new trends, product features and ideas to help grow the industry. Drop on by the stand to chat with our sales team. During Integrate week we will have staff from all states on board to help liase with inter-state customers too. We look forward to seeing you there.

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