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The ultimate field testing accessory combining an digital storage oscilloscope and digital multimeter. Fits right in the palm of your hand and is suitable for single handed operation when testing in tricky locations. It features 2 channels with real time sampling modes of 125MSa/s per channel (or 250MSa/s when used in single channel mode). The 64K colour screen provides a clear view of the waveform/measurement, plus other parameters. Measured waveforms can be stored and quickly compared between screens. Internal batteries provide a full days use with up to 2 months standby time and fast recharge of just 2 hours. Includes a silicone protective case, complete range of accessories (multimeter probes, oscilloscope charger, BNC to croc clip cables) and field carry case.

Note: AWG button function is not available on this model.


  • 2 channel digital oscilloscope + digital multimeter
  • Easy to use button and screen layout
  • Small enough for single hand operation
  • Large, clear 2.8” 64K colour screen 320x240 resolution
  • Oscilloscope: 250MSa/s Sample Rate, 40MHz Bandwidth
  • USB C recharging with internal 2600mAh lithium battery
  • Automatic frequency & amplitude measurement
  • 4000 count 10A multimeter

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  • Oscilloscope
  • Bandwidth: 40Mhz
  • Sample rate range: 250MSa/s (single channel ), 125MSa/s (dual channel)
  • Record length: 6K (single channel), 3K (dual channel)
  • Vertical sensitivity: 10mV/div - 10V/div
  • Trigger type: Edge
  • Auto wave measurements: Frequency & amplitude
  • Multimeter
  • Voltage DC: 400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 600V (±0.8%+5d)
  • Voltage AC: 4V, 40V, 400V, 600V (±1.2%+5d)
  • Current DC: 40mA, 200mA, 4A, 10A (±1.5%+2d)
  • Current AC: 40A, 400mA, 4A, 10A (±2%+3d)
  • Resistance: 400Ω, 4KΩ, 60KΩ, 4MΩ, 40MΩ (±1.2%+5d)
  • Capacitance: 40nF, 400nF, 4µF, 40µF, 100µF (±1.2%+5d)
  • Diode test: 0 - 2.0V
  • General
  • Charging input: USB Type C
  • Display: 2.8” 64K colour 320x240 screen, 4000 count DMM
  • Dimensions: 199 x 98 x 40mm
    • *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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