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C0351A Boundary Mic Pro Electret
  • $179.00
  • 4+ $165.00
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Boundary Mic Pro Electret

This boundary microphone is designed to be surface mounted and is fitted with a high sensitivity electret insert. The sturdy diecast case and steel grille offers robust protection, while the rubber base plate minimises vibration pickup. A front panel on/o


C0356 Phantom Powered Choir Microphone
  • $179.00
  • 2+ $165.00
  • 4+ $149.00
  • Price per each

In Stock

Phantom Powered Choir Microphone

This cardioid microphone is designed to be mounted from ceilings in installations such as churches where greater noise isolation is required. Low profile design and flexible cable hanger provide for diverse mounting options and minimum visibility. Phant


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