T1207A 3mm 1.5m Solder Wick Desoldering Braid
T1208A 3.5mm 1.5m Solder Wick Desoldering Braid
T1243 Teflon Tip to Suit T 1242
T1243A Replacement Tip to suit T 1242A
T2550 8-40 Pin IC Extraction Tool
T3011a Super Glue Tube 2 Pack
T1077 0.8mm Tube 15gm Lead Free Solder
T1933E 2.5mm Flat Blade Precision Screwdriver
T1944E #0 Philips Precision Screwdriver
T1967A #1 Phillips Stubby Screwdriver
T1495 Component Leg Bending Tool
T3011 Super Glue Tube 2 Pack
T2406 Tip to suit T2405
T2407 Tip Chisel to suit T2409
T2659 Deflector shield to suit T 2650
T1247 Spare tip for T 1246
T1247A Spare Tip to suit T 1246A
T2375 Needle Nose Precision Tweezers
T2519 Deflector Attachment to suit T 2590/5
T1965A 5.5mm Flat Blade Stubby Screwdriver
T1968A #2 Phillips Stubby Screwdriver
T1987 #1 Phillips 1000V Insulated Screwdriver
H0242 5 Way 188x118x31mm Parts Storage Case

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