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Q3003 Non Contact IP67 AC Test Probe & LED Torch
  • $39.95
  • 2+ $35.95
  • 5+ $31.95
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Non Contact IP67 AC Test Probe & LED Torch

A trade quality waterproof non contact detector designed for AC detection. It detects live AC voltages from 100V to 1000V (50-60Hz), plus a low voltage range for 12V to 100V AC. Easy operation allows detection of live wires without contact. Whenever AC is detected at a power point, sheathed or bare ended cable, the tester will light up red.


T2252 Laser Tape Measure
  • $89.95
  • 2+ $80.95
  • 4+ $71.95
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Laser Tape Measure

Ideal for tradespeople, sales consultants & builders. Measures from 0.05m up to 30m with 2mm accuracy. Several calculation modes are available including area, volume and continuous measuring.


T2261 600g Digital Pocket Scales
  • $49.95
  • 3+ $44.95
  • 6+ $39.95
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600g Digital Pocket Scales

These compact scales provide a quick and easy way of accurately weighing anything up to 600gm. Sized at just 120mm long, the unit fits right in your pocket. Housed in a protective plastic cover.


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