H4604  1/2U Cable Support 19
A4940  3 Pin XLR Cat5 Extender (Transmitter)
S9837C  3.0 Megapixel Weatherproof Varifocal IP Bullet Camera
S1054  DPDT (On/Off/Mom On) 10A Heavy Duty Toggle Switch
T1944E #0 Philips Precision Screwdriver
L2314A 0-35mm Weatherproof Flashing Boot to suit Metal Roofing
R3016B 0.018uF 100V (AVX) MKT Capacitor
R2620B 0.1uf 35V 5mm Tantalum Capacitor
M8641 0.3m Battery Clamps To Anderson Style Cable
M8644 0.3m Car Accessory Socket To Anderson Style Cable
M8645 0.3m Dual Car Accessory Socket To Anderson Style Cable
M8649 0.3m Dual MC4 Plug To Anderson Style Cable
M8643 0.3m Merit/Car Accessory Plug To Anderson Style Cable
M8640 0.3m Piggyback Anderson Style Cable
M8642 0.3m Ring Terminal To Anderson Style Cable
TA2440 0.6mm Conical Tip To Suit T 2440
P8431C 0.75m 2 Pin 2.5A Figure 8  Black Appliance Mains Power Cable
P1906A 0.75m A Male to Micro B Male USB 2.0 Charging Cable (3A)
P7455 0.75m Ultra High Speed V2.1 8K HDMI Cable
P6179 0.7m 2 Core Heavy Duty Black SpeakOn Cable
T1077 0.8mm Tube 15gm Lead Free Solder
T1095 0.8mm Tube 17gm 60/40 Leaded Solder

All prices include GST