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A4411 4 Channel Stereo Mixer

4 Channel Stereo Mixer

A4411 NEW

This 4 Channel Stereo Mixer has been designed to meet the growing demands of PA systems utilising high power stereo amplifiers, it features 2 balanced microphone and 2 auxiliary inputs. Perfect for aerobics use, bars, bistros, sporting clubs.
A5138 Microphone Wallplate to suit A 5135

Microphone Wallplate to suit A 5135

A5138 NEW

The A 5138 Wall plate has a standard 5 Pin XLR connector for connection of microphones with PTT switches. This connection is ideal for typical supermarket microphones such as Altronics C 0325 or C 0327 as shown below. The low output level of the microphone is converted to a high level output which is fed down the Cat5 cable to the A 5135. The outpu
A5135 4 Output Microphone Hub

4 Output Microphone Hub

A5135 NEW

This new model has been designed with small supermarkets in mind. We've designed the hub to cater for industry standard supermarket 5 pin XLR microphones which connects to a local wallplate (A 5138) over a Cat5/6 cable.
A4433 Touchscreen Source Switching Wallplate (To Suit A 4432)

Touchscreen Source Switching Wallplate (To...

A4433 NEW

A touchscreen control wallplate to suit the A 4432 Redback mixer. Allows quick and easy source selection, muting, level control for programming, plus local input level control (when used with A 4931/ A 4932).
A4432 4+4 Channel Public Address Mixer

4+4 Channel Public Address Mixer

A4432 NEW

Designed in conjunction with pro-sound contractors, the A 4432 is a stand alone mixer which provides a flexible way to bring multiple audio sources together. It combines many of the best features from our popular mixer and signal processing range into one compact unit.
A4427 8 Channel Public Address (PA) Mixer

8 Channel Public Address (PA) Mixer

A4427 NEW

This unique Redback PA mixer features four input channels which are user selectable for either balanced mic, line or auxiliary use. In addition it incorporates a four channel SD card based message player making it an excellent choice for retail, supermarkets, hardware stores and more.

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