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K6037 Full Wave 10A Speed Controller Kit
  • $69.95
  • 2+ $65.00
  • Price per each

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Full Wave 10A Speed Controller Kit

This relatively simple but highly effective Triac-based circuit gives smooth, full range speed control for electric drills, lawn edgers, circular saws, routers or any other appliance with universal motors (ie, brush- type) to 10A.


K9810 Choppy PWM Controller Kit
  • $13.95
  • 4+ $12.45
  • Price per each

In Stock

Choppy PWM Controller Kit

Sometimes you donít need ultra-precise PWM control. Based on a 555 Timer, it provides a quick PWM solution for all sorts of applications from power tools to motor speed control, to dimming lights.


K9815 ATDEV For ATtiny
  • $19.95
  • 4+ $18.95
  • Price per each

In Stock

ATDEV For ATtiny

A powerful and versatile programming and breakout shield for ATtiny. Combine the shield with your favourite UNO and youíve instantly got a programmer and debugging system in one!


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