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K6049 240V Mains Brownout Protector Kit
  • $59.95
  • 4+ $49.95
  • Price per each

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240V Mains Brownout Protector Kit

The Brownout Protector is designed to protect single-phase induction motors in fridges, freezers, pumps etc from burnout if they attempt to start during a brownout. It will switch off the power if the voltage falls below a set threshold.


K8116 Light Sensitive Switch Kit
  • $10.95
  • Price per each

In Stock

Light Sensitive Switch Kit

This kit is especially designed to switch a device on at dusk and off at dawn. You want a night light that goes on and off automatically? Or an electronic insect killer that starts working at night? This kit offers the ideal solution.


K8120 Thermostat Switching Kit
  • $13.25
  • Price per each

In Stock

Thermostat Switching Kit

General purpose low-cost thermostat with NTC temperature sensor. Output relay with LED-indicator.


K8130 Clap On / Off Switcher Kit
  • WAS $23.95
  • $19.00
  • Price per each

In Stock

Clap On / Off Switcher Kit

The Velleman MK139 can be set to turn your lights on or off with a clap of your hands. This kit is microprocessor controlled and has been programmed to have the options of a one-clap or two-clap on/off function. The two-clap function offers a built-in turn-off timer for your security.


K8132 Interval Timer Switch Kit
  • $11.50
  • Price per each

In Stock

Interval Timer Switch Kit

Use this timer to control the frequency and length of electrical pulses by switching circuits on and off. You can use the MK111 for the intermittent operation of blinking lights and slide projections, timing photo and video shoots, and other automated projects. You have the ability to adjust the pulse time between a half second and 5 seconds and pa


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