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K2574 • ESR Meter Kit


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(Silicon Chip Magazine April 04) Identifies defective electrolytic capacitors instantly, without the need to remove it from the PC board. Capacitors can often show very high ESR levels whilst displaying the correct capacitance on a multimeter. In devices such as switchmode power supplies, high ESR in capacitors can cause such issues as loss of regulation, excessive high frequency noise etc. This compact ESR meter is an invaluable tool for the service technician. Supplied with punched and screened case. Requires 6 x AAA batteries.

Important Note For Kit Buyers:
This product is supplied in component form and requires soldering, drilling, and assembly. We recommend users are familiar with at least basic electronic principles and have the ability to solder.

Construction Video

Why buy an Altronics Kit?
Altronics kits are premium do-it-yourself projects designed to be assembled with ease. However, basic electronics knowledge and soldering skills are essential to construct our kits. A difficulty rating is provided to help determine if your ability is sufficient to build the kit project. Please note, once assembly has been commenced we are unable to honor any warranty claims. Please see the full details here.


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  • Saw this kit on the EEVBlog, and also needed an ESR meter, so I purchased it from the Altronics Website to be delivered in sunny old UK. Arrived no problems, built straight away! The PCB is a high quality FR4 design, all components are top notch and they even give you the solder!! Brilliant!! I will not think twice before ordering another kit. Although delivery (to UK) can boost the price up, but that isn't Altronics fault. The meter comes with calibration resistors and notes to update or modify the existing unit. Already the unit has served useful and well affordable for the shear amount of use it is going to get. 5 stars out of 5.


  • I also saw this kit on EEVBlog and it sure looked more sturdy than a lot of pre-built ESR meters out there. I figured it would be a fun little thing to build and I would end up with a useful piece of test equipment in the end. I was right! The kit comes with a lot of information on the kit itself as well as ESR measurement, theory, and ESR meters in general. All parts a great quality. Everything fits together well and the end result is very solid, reliable piece of test equipment! I highly recommend it and would definitely consider buying another kit!


  • I also saw this on David Jone's EEVBlog. The kit was very well documented, simple to build, was bundled with high quality components, and even came with a supplementary electronics reference sheet; ideal for beginners. This kit is a must have for anyone serious about electronic repairs. 5 stars


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