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M5725C • 25 + 25 500VA Toroidal Transformer 


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Toroidal transformers are becoming increasingly popular due to their improved magnetic properties. The advantage of the toroidal (donut) shape is that due to its symmetry the amount of magnetic flux that escapes outside the core (leakage flux) is minimised, therefore it radiates less electromagnetic interference (EMI) to nearby circuits or equipment. EMI is of increasing importance in modern low power, high frequency electronics.

Toroid transformers can be made to a lower profile than a standard solenoid core transformer, allowing for equipment of similar power to be of a lower profile.

Included mounting hardware
1 x Metal Washer: Φ8.5X90X1.2MM
2 x Rubber Washer: Φ8.5X120X1.5MM
1 x M8X70 Screw
1 x M8 Hex Nut
1 x M8 Washer
1 x M8 Lock Washer


  • Lower electrically induced noise demanded by compact equipment.
  • High efficiency enabling conservative rating whilst maintaining size advantages.
  • The toroidal transformer is accepted as the industry standard, replacing the laminated type as toroidal transformers offer advantages in size, weight, and lower radiated field.


D: 127 d: 26 H : 63
Tolerance: 2%
* Outside diameter D is given as a maximum value, inner diameter d is given as a minimum value.
* Specifications subject to change without prior notice. Manufacturers please note, we recommend that a sample is obtained to confirm suitability.
Note: Recommended External Primary Fuse: Slow blow Littelfuse 218 Series T3.15A L250VP


  • Safety Standard: AS/NZS 61558-2-6 Certified
  • Primary voltage: 240V AC 50Hz
  • Secondary voltage: 25V (parallel), 50V (series)
  • Secondary current: 20A (parallel), 10A (series)
  • Regulation: Better than 10%
  • Maximum temperature rise: 75C
  • Maximum ambient Temperature: 25C
  • Dielectric strength: 4000V for 1 Minute
  • Insulation class: Class B (130C)
  • Thermal Protector: Thermal cut-out 17AM033A5 130℃ 9A 250V
  • Recommended External Primary Fuse: Slow blow Littelfuse 218 Series T3.15A L250VP
  • Winding Wire: Enamelled Copper
  • Pri. Winding: 574Ts¢0.96mm
  • Sec. Winding: 75Ts+75Ts¢1.8mm
  • Sec. Rating: 2 x 30VAC, 8.3A
  • Pri. Lead Wire: UL1672 AWG#18, 105C, VW-1, 300V, double insulation
  • Sec. Lead Wire: UL3321 AWG#12 150 C VW-1, 600V, Single insulation
  • Attention OEM customers: Please contact our parent company Altronic Distributors for extremely competitive wholesale pricing. Variations or custom toroidals available.
  • Minimum order quantity applies.
  • *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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