A0284 Portable AAA / AA NiMh 30 Minute Charger
A0300A Multi Reverse Adapter- Worldwide to Australia / NZ
A0304A Australia / NZ to Japan/US Travel Power Adapter
A0305A Australia / NZ to US Travel Power Adapter
A0306A Australia / NZ to Europe & Bali Travel Power Adapter
A0307A Australia / NZ to UK Travel Power Adapter
A0308A Reverse Adapter - EU US & Japan to Australia / NZ
A0309B 4.1A 4 x USB Smart Charger & Travel Adapter
A0319 Global Travel USB Smart Charger  and Wireless Power Bank
A0346 Remote Control Mains Operated 240V Switch
A0347 Extra Mains Operated Switch for A0346
D2320 Wireless USB Charger Alarm Clock
D2324 QI Wireless 15W USB Phone Fast Charger Desk Stand
D2326 QI Wireless 10W USB Phone Fast Charging Pad
D2327 QI Wireless Dual Phone Fast Charging Pad
M1124A 150W 100V Line 4-16 Ohm Audio Toroidal Transformer
M2152 12.5V /  240V 1A EI Core Transformer
M2155L 6-15V / 240V 1A EI Core Transformer
M2156L 6-15V / 240V 2A EI Core Transformer
M2158L 24V / 240V 3A EI Core Transformer
M2165L 9-24V / 240V 60VA EI Core Transformer
M2170L 12-30V / 240V 100VA EI Core Transformer
M2190L 24V / 240V 5A EI Core Transformer
M2835L 6V / 240V 150mA EI Core Transformer

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