H8964 Red and White ABS Box to suit Raspberry Pi 4
H8965 Black and Grey ABS Box to suit Raspberry Pi 4
H8966 Black case to suit Z6309 7
H8968 White Case To Suit FlickHAT For Raspberry Pi
J0005 Motorised Gearbox Steel Driveshaft 75 x 2mm
J0007 Motorised Gearbox Aluminium Driveshaft 300 x 3.2mm
J0016 48:1 Geared Motor With Plastic Housing
J0022 1.5V Low Torque F130 Hobby Motor
J0024 3V Low Torque F130 Hobby Motor
J0026 4.5V Low Torque F260 Hobby Motor
J0049 Mounting Bracket for Micro N20 Geared Motors
J0051 Micro N20 Geared Motor 298:1 22.5-90RPM
J0054 Micro N20 Geared Motor 150:1 50-200RPM
J0070 NEMA17 200 Step Stepper Motor & Lead
J0101 Plastic Wheel With Rubber Tyre For 5mm Shaft (J 0016)
J0102 White Plastic Wheel Rubber Tyre For Micro N20 Motors
JA0070 SMD 2.7V Vibration Motor
K1090 2WD Robot Builders Motorised Base
K1092 4WD Robot Builders Motorised Base
K1095 3 In 1 All-Terrain Robot Kit
K1096 Multi Claw Robotic Arm Kit
K1100 LED Fun Kit
K1102 Robot Motorised Base
K1103 Robot Escape Bug Kit

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