P8205A Low Voltage Cordline Rocker Switch 6A
P8237 Cordline Lamp Rocker Switch White 10A HPM
P8238 Cordline Lamp Rocker Switch Black 10A HPM
S0044 16A 240VAC NC Mains Timer Switch
S0045 16A 240VAC Manual Mains Timer Switch
S0049 8 Program 12V DC Alternate Digital Timer Module
S0050 8 Program 24VAC/DC Alternate Digital Timer Module
S0051 8 Program 240V AC Alternate Digital Timer Module
S0060 14 Program 24VAC/DC Single Duration Digital Timer Module
S0080 50 Event 4 Output DIN Rail Timer
S0082 12V-24V DIN Rail Timer With Delay
S0083 24V DC Latching Relay Module
S0084 12V - 24V DC Adjustable Flasher Unit
S0086 Temperature Controlled DIN Rail Switch
S0088 DIN Rail Event Counter
S0090 12V / 24V Programmable PCB Mini Timer
S0101 12V / 24V 8A Programmable PCB Timer
S0150 Push To Open Wallplate With Illuminated Pushbutton Switch
S0152 Press to Release Dual Cover Wallplate
S0155 Push To Open Wallplate With Green LED Pushbutton Switch
S0160 Wallplate Fitted With Push/Twist Emergency Stop Switch
S0820 DPDT Emergency Stop Solder Tail Pushbutton Switch
S0821 DPDT Round Green Momentary Pushbutton Switch
S0920 SPDT Momentary LED Red Panel Mount Pushbutton Switch

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