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A2055A Balanced Mic / Line Input Pre-Amp & Mixer
A2080B Selection Panel 10 Zone PA
A2510A Passive DI Box
A2513 Balanced To Unbalanced Converter XLR-RCA
A2514 Unbalanced to Balanced Converter RCA-XLR
A2517 Unbalanced Stereo Line Isolation Transformer RCA-RCA
A2519 Line Isolation Transformer 600 ohms to 600 ohms XLR
A2522 Line Isolation Transformer 10k ohms to 600 ohms XLR
A2524 Line Isolation Transformer 10k ohms to 10k ohms XLR
A2630 4 Channel Headphone Distribution Amplifier
A3042 Compact Stereo Line Pre-Amplifier
A3044 2 Channel Microphone Mixer Pre-Amplifier
A3052 Phono Preamp with AUX input
A4426 Compressor Compander Module For A 4425
A4903A 100V Line to Low Level Adapter
A4904 1 In to 2 Out Audio Splitter
A4905 Mic/Line Pre-Amplifier to Line Level Out Converter
A4906 Mic/Line/100V Input to Line +24V Switched Output
A4928 Single Output Microphone/Line Hub
A4930 Four Output Microphone/Line Hub
A4931 Microphone/Line Pre Amplifier Wallplate
A4931V Microphone/Line Pre Amplifier Wallplate
A4932 Balanced Microphone/Line Pre Amplifier
A4940  3 Pin XLR Cat5 Extender (Transmitter)
A4942 3 Pin XLR Cat5 Extender (Receiver)
A4944 RCA to Cat5 Extender (Transmitter)
A4946 RCA to Cat5 Extender (Receiver)
A4950 Paging Microphone Chime Module
A5330 Mono 31 Band Graphic Equaliser

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