A0326 Battery Free Wireless Doorbell
A1011 Two Channel UHF Remote Control Switch System
A1014 Universal Air Conditioner Remote
A1015 Remocon Remote Learning Uhf 4 Key
A1017A FOB43301 PentaFOB Single Button  433Mhz Remote Control
A1018B Two Channel UHF Outdoor Remote Control Switch System
A1019B Spare Keyring Remote Control For A 1018B and A 1011
A1021A FOB43302 PentaFOB Dual Button 433Mhz Remote Control
A1025A PCR43301RE Penta Series 433Mhz 1 Channel Receiver
A1027a Elsema PCR43302R 433Mhz 2 Channel Receiver
M9760 8 Way 24V DC 5A Power Distribution Box
P0665 RJ45 Male to 8-Way Screw Terminal Adapter
P6709A 5m CCTV Camera Extension Cable
P6711A 10m CCTV Camera Extension Cable
P6712A 15m CCTV Camera Extension Cable
P6713A 20m CCTV Camera Extension Cable
S4021 Red 3mm 12V DC Flashing LED With Bezel
S5153 SPDT Surface Mount Magnetic Reed Switch
S5154C Wood Door Flush Mount Magnetic Reed Switch
S5157A SPST Surface Mount Mini Magnetic Reed Switch
S5158B Steel Door Flush Mount Magnetic Reed Switch
S5159 Roller Door Security Reed Switch
S5160 Normally Open ( N/O ) White Tamper Switch
S5165 Normally Closed ( N/C ) White Tamper Switch
S5170 Normally Open ( N/O ) Black Tamper Switch
S5173 Normally Open ( N/O ) Alarm System Tamper Switch
S5174 Normally Closed ( N/C ) Alarm Tamper Switch
S5184A 760 x 530mm Pressure Mat Normally Open
S5269 8 Sector Alarm Keypad
S5276 D8XCel Navigator 8 Sector 3G Alarm Panel
S5280A D8xD Navigator 8 Sector Alarm Panel
S5281 Colour LCD Touchscreen Keypad to Ness Alarms
S5282 RK4 Wireless Radio Interface For D8xD / D16xD Alarm System
S5285 D16xD Navigator 16 Sector Alarm Panel
S5288B NESS 3G/4G Dialler Unlocked
S5289 Radio Interface Card to suit Ness Navigator D8XD / D16XD
S5294 Wireless Reed Switch to suit Rhino Alarm System
S5295 Spare Remote To Suit S 5292
S5296 Wireless Keypad to suit Rhino Alarm System
S5298 PIR Lux Wireless
S5300 Quantum PIR Swivel Bracket (Suits S 5305)
S5305A Quantum Quad Element Passive Infra Red (PIR) Detector
S5308 Economy PIR Detector Standard Lens
S5310 PIR 360° Quantum Detector
S5311A Outdoor Passive Infra Red Swivel Bracket Suit for S 5312A
S5312A Outdoor Passive Infra Red & Microwave Detector
S5313 Wall bracket to suit S 5314A / S 5316 PIR
S5313A Wall Bracket to Suit Passive Infra Red (PIR) Movement Detector

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