T2333 4 to 20mm / 9 Step Step Drill Bit
T2335 Stainless Steel Pin Vice
T2340 Center Punch Automatic
T2342 Mirror Inspection Tool
T2346 Professional Cable Tie Gun
T2347 Professional Steel Cable Tie Gun
T2350 4 Piece Stainless Steel Pick and Scribe Set
T2352 5 Piece Needle File Set
T2355 Sheetmetal Nibbling Tool
T2356 Rotating Spring Loaded Desktop PCB Holder
T2358 Cable Staples To Suit T 2357 (4-6mm) PK200
T2362 Round Cable Staples (9.5-11mm) PK200 to suit T 2360
T2367 75mm Gyroscopic Mini Bench Vice
T2368 92mm (3.62
T2369 92mm (3.62
T2372 3-13mm Tapered Reamer
T2374 4 Piece Precision Tweezer Set
T2375 Needle Nose Precision Tweezers
T2376 Anti Static 3 Piece Tweezer Set
T2377 Self Closing Precision Tweezers
T2379 SMD Angled Precision Tweezers
T2382 0.4mm Round Tip to Suit T 2380
T2383 0.8mm Chisel Tip to Suit T 2380
T2384 1.2mm Chisel Tip to Suit T 2380

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