T2770A 145mm Carbon Steel Flat Nose Pliers
T2780A 145mm Carbon Steel Serrated Curved Nose Pliers
T2785A 4 Piece Circlip / Snap Ring Plier Set
T2787 Crimptool Gel Filled Connector
T2800 8
T2815 6
T2825 Economy 5
T2825A Economy 5
T2830 Large Side Cutter 6.5
T2850 Heavy Duty Cable Cutter
T2852 235mm Heavy Duty Cable Cutters
T2855 Ratchet Conduit Cutters 6-42mm
T2860 8" Heavy Duty Insulated 1000V Pliers
T2860A 8” Heavy Duty Insulated 1000V Bull Nose Electrical Pliers
T2862 254mm Adjustable Multigrip Pliers
T2865 Insulated 1000V Side Cutters 6"
T2865A 6” Insulated 1000V Electrical Side Cutters
T2870 6" Insulated 1000V Long Nose Pliers
T2870A 8
T2937A 10W Hot Melt Glue Gun
T2938A 7mm Glue Sticks 100mm 12pk to Suit T 2937A
T2939A 7mm Glue Sticks 300mm 20pk to Suit T 2937A
T2940 60W Hot Melt Glue Gun
T2940A 60W Hot Melt Glue Gun

All prices include GST