T1488 Spare Hobby Knife Blades to suit T 1487 Pk10
T1490 Multi-Purpose Snips
T1490A Multi-Purpose Snips with SK4 carbon steel
T1495 Component Leg Bending Tool
T1508 Swivel Blade Cable Stripper & Slitter
T1509 Spare Blade to suit T 1508 Cable Stripper & Slitter
T1510 Manual Wire Stripper
T1512A Wire Strippers 10AWG-24AWG
T1513 Heavy Duty Coaxial Wire Stripper
T1514 Spare Blades to suit T1513
T1516 Coaxial Wire Stripper
T1517 Replacement Blades to Suit T 1516 Pk 6
T1519 Spare Blades to suit T1518
T1520A Universal Wire Stripper
T1521 Blade Set PK 6 Suit T 1520
T1521A Blade Cartridge to Suit T 1520A
T1522 Heavy Duty Automatic Wire Stripper
T1525 Replacement Blade Set For T1522
T1526 1.0-3.2mm Heavy Duty Automatic Wire Stripper
T1527 0.5-2.0mm Heavy Duty Automatic Wire Stripper
T1528A Multifunction Wire Stripper and Crimper
T1530 Flat Cable Cutter
T1531A Crimping Tool Heavy Duty Anderson / Uninsulated Lugs
T1532 Deutsch Crimping Tool (Suits P 7880 - 86 series)

All prices include GST