T1450 PCB Holder Solder Stand
T1450A PCB Holder Solder Stand
T1460 PCB Holder Solder Stand And Magnifier
T1460A PCB Holder Solder Stand And Magnifier
T1470 15x Examination Loupe
T1475 Screwdriver Magnetiser/Demagnetiser
T1475A Screwdriver Magnetiser/Demagnetiser
T1480 Air Duster with Brush
T1483 Wallboard Gyprock Saw
T1485 Box Cutter Utility Knife
T1487 145mm Precision Hobby Knife
T1488 Spare Hobby Knife Blades to suit T 1487 Pk10
T1490 Multi-Purpose Snips
T1490A Multi-Purpose Snips with SK4 carbon steel
T1495 Component Leg Bending Tool
T1497 Flexible Device Opening Tool
T1498 10 Piece Plastic Opening Tool Set
T1499 LCD Opening Suction Cup Pliers
T1508 Swivel Blade Cable Stripper & Slitter
T1509 Spare Blade to suit T 1508 Cable Stripper & Slitter
T1510 Manual Wire Stripper
T1512A Wire Strippers 10AWG-24AWG
T1513 Heavy Duty Coaxial Wire Stripper
T1514 Spare Blades to suit T1513

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