K1140 Salt Water Fuel Cell to suit K1116/K1120 Pk 5
K1142 Salt Water Fuel Cell to suit K1122 Pk 5
K1110 Solar Powered Grasshopper Kit
Z6466 Micro: bit Simple Breakout Board
K5812 LED Chaser Kit
Z6460 Micro: bit Breakout T-Adaptor Shield
K1120 Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit
K1138 Solar Powered Wild Boar Kit
K1144 Solar Powered Bug Kit
Z6464 Micro: bit Sensor Connection Shield
Z6461 Micro: bit 170 Tie Breadboard Shield
Z6463 Micro: bit Power Breakout Board
K8134 Shaking LED Dice Kit
Z6465 Micro: bit Joystick Control Pad Shield
K1109 Crazy Cricket Kit
K2216 Crystal Radio Kit
Z6469 Micro: bit Motor Drive Breakout Board
Z6468 Micro: bit 310 Tie Breadboard Shield
K1139 Solar Powered Rover Kit
K1100 LED Fun Kit
K1117 PC Birdies Kit
Z6462 Micro: bit 4 Relay Control Board
K2212 AM/FM Radio Kit
K1122 Salt Water Fuel Cell Buggy Kit

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